• 10/12/12

    Bonus Show #107: Oct. 12, 2012

    It’s the great debate show! Mike, Buzz, Robb, Oscar and Marc debate on different topics from political to personal issues. Lots of good ole fashioned ball busting…TMOS style!

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    Listener Comments
    9 Comments on Bonus Show #107: Oct. 12, 2012

    1. Bryan McCreary says:

      hello gentlemen, I was at work the other night. i work 3rd shift at a nursing home (yes im a male nurse Robb, no im not gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that) anyways, we always have the TV on in the Unit and i was listening in the background while at my desk charting and i hear a voice on the TV that sounded so familiar to me. i kept hearing it and when i looked up at the TV, there was a guy id never seen before talking on some gossip show. As i took a pull off of my energy drink, the words, “Scott Shannon” suddenly appear below the mans face revealing his identity! i spit my drink all over the desk, my charting, the computer etc. My aids all just looked at me, keep in mind, this is 3rd shift at a nursing home. me and 4 females. avg wt….id say 215. avg amt of teeth…id say 8 to 15. average IQ….Id say approx the same as teeth. They all wanted to know why i was laughing so hard, all I could say was its from a pod cast i listen to, you wouldn’t get it. Love you guys so much and so proud of you for your wt. loss!!! keep up the good work. And Buzz, was gonna come hang with you last time you were in wichita but my stupid great aunt had to go and croak that week. I was so bummed!! Thanks for giving me a reason to get out of bed in the afternoons.

    2. Susan says:

      Why is Bonus show Oct 5 labeled #106 and Bonus show Oct 12 labeled 106? Also, when I go to Itunes to buy Oct 12 show it is nowhere, plus all the bonus shows are mixed up instead of date order, I am bumming guys!

    3. Bruce Chanel says:

      I can’t stand that Dish Nation tv show with Scott Shannon.
      Seperated at birth at this point Don Imus and Scott shannon

    4. RobTBrewer says:

      For what it’s worth… I listen to a lot of different podcasts, and TMOS is BY FAR the BEST sounding one on the net. The time you take and investments you have made in equipment shows. As well as your knowledge of mic technique. Some folks seem to think that because they use a mic on stage in a stand up show, that they know how to use and record a mic in studio. They don’t. I spend time trying to adjust volume so I can hear one person while not getting my ears blown off by another. Thanks again, and keep bringing the funny.

      • Tom Servo says:

        I think this is definitely one of the best sounding podcasts around, sound quality wise. And that’s because everyone’s mic techniques are pretty good, along with Robb’ skill in minding the board.

        I do take each show and run it through some processing before I listen, because I tend to listen as much in the noisy car environment as I do with headphones. But I do this with ALL the podcasts I listen to, from the ones recorded in a closet with a Radio Shack mic to the ultra-pro tech shows done in real studios. I want the “CBS Volumax” style loudness like a good processed talk station should have. Loud, but clear. I’d wager that my processing would be TOO hot for many listeners, but that’s the way I like it, and that’s the opposite of how I prefer music, where dynamic range and frequency response are king in my book.

        Yes, I am an audio nerd.

    5. Jeremy Selvidge says:

      Extreme Cheapskates now a show on TLC! bahahaha!!!

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