• 10/18/12

    682: All Inclusive

    Thursday has a creole mailbag, Mike’s Haiti jitters, Oscar is proven wrong and bone picking.

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    8 Comments on 682: All Inclusive

    1. portlandiahere says:

      i hate the mail bag!

    2. Vasya says:

      Bazinge Kreyole!

    3. Bobby Flayton says:

      I understand i can be a dumb ass and mean.
      Having said that, for a little while now you have been at the top of my
      leader board. I am sure this has been keeping you up at night wondering when and with what frequency i have been listening. In conclusion, your show makes me happy even if it is not that good at times. You guys rock. Please put up photos of Oscar in his tighty whities. And on to the current leader board.

      1.) TMOS ( You have been killing it)
      2.) Donny G and that Sac Town radio Lunacy
      3.) Adam Corolla
      4.) Tech 411 (yes its on the board)

      Honorable Mention:
      The Marc and Lowell Show (JK)

    4. matt says:

      At 23:28 today the audio vault sound played, so it opened. It played again, then the audio vault was done while closed. It’s open now.

      Be sure to tell Robb.


    5. mr_shiny says:

      Thanks to Mike (and Buzz) for talking up Chicago for our anniversary! Little did I know that my wife also emailed Buzz asking to have the anniversary mentioned on-air. Albeit she requested dueling Michael MacDonalds.

      She’s a hell of a lot smarter than I am…

    6. COLEMAN says:

      For God’s Sake, Mike, be safe in Haiti, there and back. You’re a closely and dearly held international traysure. You’re gonna shine a big, bright light down there, man.

    7. Bruce Sinclair says:

      I was listening to 682 on the way to work this morning and almost drove off the road when Mike said my name during the mailbag! OMFG! Thank God Robb got the car fixed so he could go to Wal-Mart to get that flavored water I like so bad.

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