• 10/11/12

    677: Go Ahead, Schmuck

    Thursday has your letters, Mike vs. Social Security, lots of calls (!) and ToMo vs. the world.

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    13 Comments on 677: Go Ahead, Schmuck

    1. Wes in ABQ says:

      Re: the egg picture.

      (Pre-egg into pan) This is your brain.
      (Post-egg into pan) This is your brain on The Marc & Lowell Show. (SMOOOOOKE!!)

      Any questions?

      J/K of course, love TMAL show. Mostly.


    2. Hampton says:

      So Todd Moore is really a dick…no joke..WOW!

    3. Katy Rommel says:

      LOVED my birthday shout out! Thank you so much, guys!

    4. Mike W. says:

      Wait, did you say Happy Birthday to a guy from Kansas for Brandon Routh (who played superman)? I wonder if that city he was from was the real life inspiration for Smallville? No, I’m not that much of a Superman geek. 😀

    5. George Hincapie says:

      He is… the Ass.

      Todd Moore is a dick. You should fly him out to Reno, one way.

      Dictating how the impression of him is done? His participation in the show should have ended then. That would have been good radio.

    6. Staffino says:

      Todd’s terrible on the radio.

    7. JayJayWitherspoon says:

      NoMo ToMo PLEASE!

    8. Brian says:

      Great show laughed my ass off after a long day at work. Please bring back Tomo on occasion with his “list of grievances”. He’s quite a character!

      • JayJayWitherspoon says:

        WOW, this is clearly ToMo writing this comment.

        • Brian says:

          No it’s not you dink. It was good radio (podcast) and was funny. Yeah he was a douche but it was funny.

          And Mike better watch out Robb’s impersonations are impeccable.

    9. Pierre Vachon says:

      Thanks for the birthday shout out guys!

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