• 10/10/12

    676: He is…The Dissatisfied Millionaire

    Wednesday with a major musical announcement, a Tomo to-do, shots for Mike and Big Al, your radio pal.

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    7 Comments on 676: He is…The Dissatisfied Millionaire

    1. Freedom Fries says:

      Jesus Oscar… Laugh AWAY from the microphone…

    2. Tom Servo says:

      Is that Casey Kasem?

    3. Brian says:

      Kick ass show guys. Hilarious! Can’t wait until the tomo rebuttal. He’s such a character!

    4. Fred from Rappahannock says:

      It’s so good to hear from Goodman again, been a long time.

    5. TWIZZLESTICK says:

      Cheers to Robb! A whole new role for you, or should I say “characters” for you: Oscar v. ToMo!!! More, more more!

    6. La Vikinga says:

      Alan Goodman! Thank you, Mike! I just about killed myself on the treadmill while laughing. He always seemed like such a good sport to put up with the torture.

    7. Rob-in-Hawaii says:

      Buzz is right, sound it out, just like it’s spelled:


      Buzz is always right!

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