• 10/9/12

    675: Nipples Up Close

    Tuesday with stage glasses, ad drek, KCJJ news, Oscar’s World…and jokes.

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    4 Comments on 675: Nipples Up Close

    1. Scotty says:

      Does anyone know if the app streams or uses data to play the episode? I am rope a doped by Verizon and don’t want to use data if I don’t have to.

    2. Matt says:

      Hey-I think a great bonus show would be the guys making up (and reading in their most ‘sinister’ voices) doing “negative” ads about one another. Also-Mike should check out Breaking Bad if he likes tension filled TV, it does it better than Homeland imho. Keep up the great work!!

    3. Wes in ABQ says:

      Lady Guh-Gah is so brave….finally going public with her binge-n-purge cycle.


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