• 10/8/12

    674: Pound ’em

    Buzz’s Birthday Monday has Baltimore Billy, insurance drek, a yard sale recap and…a tremendous look back.

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    16 Comments on 674: Pound ’em

    1. Joyce Barker says:

      I was inspired to put this on my email page after listening to today’s show.
      just a request from someone who is lucky to have the job I have.
      Thankfully 23 years ago when Mike was diagnosed with AML we both worked for the state and had insurance. I help lobby our legislature to change laws every year to beneift those who through no fault of their own get that terrible diagnosis of Cancer.
      While I work to help find a cure by raising money to help researchers do their jobs…. Do us all a favor… take a moment and talk to a few health insurance companies and “pretend” to get insurance for yourself. If you can’t or can’t afford the premiums…. Take the time to see which way your vote should go in Nov. I think it will make a difference!

      • Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin says:

        I don’t have a job or insurance and I will be voting for Romney but thank you for your input.<–Just being polite with that last part.

      • Brian says:

        Yes I can’t wait until our hospitals are ran like the DMV! It will be great! The healthcare system needs serious reworking but when has the government been successful – war on poverty, war on drugs, now the war on the sick? Yeah I can predict how that will turn out.

        • six_ball says:

          War on Nazis…war on Imperial Japan…War on Osama…well that last hasn’t been “won” really, but the principle won’t be providing any input anytime soon. I love the righhties have gotten people afraid of their own health/healthcare. THAT is salesmanship!

    2. Dan says:

      I like feisty Mike today and happy birthday Buzz! :)

    3. Tom Servo says:

      You didn’t take Columbus day off? Hooray!

    4. TJ says:

      Regarding health care (insurance) – please note that many of us who do not support President Obama readily agree that there are parts of our health care insurance industry *needs* to change. Getting rid of the pre-existing condition exclusions is absolutely critical, but … in the opinions of many of us – “Obamacare” is not the answer to the problem! It shouldn’t take thousands of pages and shouldn’t put medical facilities (and health care providers that would otherwise work there) out of work to fix the real important failings … and wait until we all see, and experience, the problems that arise …

      I know we clearly disagree on this topic, I am sorry you are undergoing this and I hate that we need to keep debating politics – but this exact topic is one of the reasons I am as motivated to vote _against Obama_ this year (and I am certainly not one of the 1%).

    5. Mike W. says:

      Happy Birthday Buzz! I’m surprised you didn’t mention the time Buzz “experimented” in college. I think I found a clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIaj7FNHnjQ

    6. Hampton says:

      Referencing Mike’s discussion on health care. This is a 56 second video on Mitt’s point of view on the subject, check out the last 20 seconds.

    7. Fred from Rappahannock says:

      Thank you guys for working on a holiday when you didn’t have to; some of don’t have a choice.

    8. Brian says:

      Happy Birthday Buzz! You pinko commie bastard! BTW – You had some great zingers today…

    9. six_ball says:

      Have any of the anti-“Obama care” posters investigated the “Romey-care” you are likely to wind up with if he gets elected. THAT is the choice you are being offered in November…not ‘bama care or nothing. Think this over.

    10. Mike S says:

      Mike, you have an option other than COBRA, Obamacare has implemented the government run pre-existing condition program for people like you:


      you should look into this as an option to help cover the gap, probably cheaper than cobra

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