• 10/5/12

    673: More Bass, Please

    Friday show has fire! Mike the handyman! Debate dissatisfaction! And elegance. Have a great weekend, kids! All new episode of our animated series is now available! Click HERE for more info.

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    9 Comments on 673: More Bass, Please

    1. Diana Ash says:

      Hahaha “sneaky deuce Ronick!”

    2. Wes in ABQ says:

      I wonder if Obamacare covers a good old-fashioned ass whuppin’?

    3. Dan says:

      Romney won the debate because he leers at our President like a whacko?

    4. steve miller says:

      Will there be a line of Charlie clothing for the holidays?

    5. Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin says:

      Robb, 10 on the Firesign Theatre!

      “I was more with it in the 70s” = I’m old and I like only George Carlin.

      “Scoot” sounds like you ran out of toilet paper, Mike. Plus it’s totally gay. Those people are right!

      “I am a debating expert!” Best line ever.

      • Circus Seal says:

        Model UN in High School = Debating Expert. If only Obama had known this! He could have debated the local high schoolers and saved……. FACE.

    6. Stormy says:

      Mike, it’s not hard to be quick when you’re making stuff up and when your tactic is to keep talking and talking even when it’s no longer your turn, to the point where the moderator has to politely get you to shut the F up.

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