• 10/3/12

    672: Nutbutter

    “Ash” Wednesday with talk of Quench, Ann Curry, ToMo, yard sales and…HRS. Sorry kids, no video for this episode.

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    12 Comments on 672: Nutbutter

    1. J-Mo says:

      I can’t believe you watched Today for so long. GMA is a far superior product. Not to mention Lara Spencer is one HPOA!

    2. Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin says:

      Mike, if you’re like me you don’t like Jimmy Fallon because he’s smug, always looks like he’s laughing along with himself, and craps up the show with 45 minutes of stupid games.

      Jimmy Kimmel, on the other hand, is vastly overrated.

      Robb, it’s not the Letterman hates Mitt because he won’t go on the show, it’s that Mitt won’t go on the show because Letterman hates him. Dave’s been campaigning for Obama since day one. He hates Mitt because of the dog on the roof. At least Mitt didn’t f**k Stephanie Briquette instead of his wife and mother of his child. Just sayin’.

      • Wes in ABQ says:

        “At least Mitt didn’t f**k Stephanie Briquette instead of his wife and mother of his child.”

        To Letterman: FACE!! Bwa ahahahahaha

        • Wes in ABQ says:

          Interesting….why censor the F-bomb in my post (which, admittedly, I should not have typed) but not in HCG’s post above?

          I guess it’s FACE!! to me!

    3. Rob Burnham says:

      Hello legs.

    4. Mike W. says:

      Thanks for posting a photo of the lovely Diana Ash. It’s a good thing I was not there. I would have probably freaked her out by staring at her through the whole show. (Hopefully I wouldn’t be drooling at the same time)

    5. John says:

      The best TMOS bit is where Mike gives out the phone number then never answers the phone. lol.

    6. Mark says:

      Can we get a link to the UStream video on this page with the show?

    7. bruce chanel says:

      Yeah that bit gets me every time. Even after the hundredth time. Hand to GOD, I’m on the floor laughing.

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