• 10/2/12

    671: Printed Encyclopedias

    Robert Evans for your Tuesday plus band news, Oscar’s mother and Bond…James Bond.

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    3 Comments on 671: Printed Encyclopedias

    1. Glen Rigby says:

      I’ve laughed religiously at TMOS and DnM for quite some time.. But Robb’s comment of ‘sure play the odds Oscar’ made me unhinge my jaw.. Fantastic!

    2. Joey Jo-Jo says:

      Please tell us the name of the song which starts Robb’s audio vault on this show. It’s driving me nuts, and I love that song!

    3. Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin says:

      Oops, Mike. Elizabeth Warren would have gotten the minority preference checkbox checked off when she submitted her resume for the job at Harvard, so she did benefit from her lie.

      Plus she practices law in Massachusetts without being licensed in that state. Distasteful.

      Otherwise a stellar show! Looking forward to the tape of Mama Santana.

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