• 10/1/12

    670: Hit-leh

    A pretty dynamic Monday with Arnold x2, Mike seeking diversions, the magic of Jimmy and sultry polyamory.

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    9 Comments on 670: Hit-leh

    1. Hampton says:

      Hey Marc/crew, the individual close up view on the cameras are too close. Can you guys make the close out distance the same as the 4 square view? Either that or the guys will need to wear make-up..lol. Watching Mike close-up on a 32′ monitor..sexy!! lol

    2. Dan says:

      Spewak is so annoying! :)

    3. Bobby Flayton says:

      I saw Looper. It is a GREAT Movie.
      I may see it twice.
      See it Mike. You will like it.
      It is not Bruce Willis best acting movie. He is good for sure.
      I would say his best acting job was 12 Monkeys.
      Having said all that Joseph-Levit Gordon or whatever his name is, steals the
      show. It is his best acting gig thus far. He is a beast. ( The kid is all grown up from his space alien John Lithgow show I never cared about)
      See it. The ending is Nutzo and the beautiful, sexy Emily Blunt is in it and so
      is JEFF DANIELS. best movie every.

    4. Manass-hat says:

      The game at Tyson’s Galleria is to take pictures of random overpriced crap (Nieman Marcus is a good place to start) and then ask your friends what the price is. $5,000 frying pan is not out of the question.

    5. Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin says:

      Looks like Mr. Holstein won the War of the Chosen. “What? Sure, give’em a night when no one’s gonna be coming!”

      High priced drinks, a drive to the back of beyond and a swerve home. On debate night. Why WOULDN’T I be there?

      Mark, Washington has a fine subway system. How about one day finding a spot that’s Metro accessible? Ron and Fez did some appearances at Dave and Busters a few years back, for instance.

      You can do this! Make it happen! People love subways!

    6. Kevin C says:

      Love the black jacket and the hunter orange shirt, fabulous. In celebration of hunting season?

    7. Patrick says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for playing “Feelings”. Every single week I still listen to this song and read Craig Wilson’s ‘The Final Word’ with this in the background in the gayest voice I can possibly muster. It is by far the most hysterical thing in the world to me – hands down. It was this section that got me absolutely HOOKED to Don and Mike back in the day. Thank you.

    8. Beluga's Taint says:

      Maybe it’s just me, but I have to try really hard to hear the other side of a phone conversation. It was funny that Mike did the Peanuts teacher voice right after the phone call, because that’s all I could hear when Carla was talking to Mike.

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