• 9/7/12

    Bonus Show #103: Sept. 7, 2012

    Number 1 Conundrums is back! With your host Robb Spewak and our celebrity guests…Mike O’Meara, Oscar Santana, Todd Moore and Marc Ronick. Our contestants are read a song lyric and they have to guess the song. Pretty easy…riiiight?!?

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    Listener Comments
    2 Comments on Bonus Show #103: Sept. 7, 2012

    1. Jeff C says:

      If you ever invite listeners to participate, I’m all in. I got almost all those tunes. Though I did think the Stevie Wonder lyric was from Maybe I’m Amazed.

    2. Brian says:


      I was cracking up today as I listened to Bonus Show 103 (Number 1 Conundrums) because when Robb played Hall & Oates Private Eyes Mike mentioned that they used to tour all the time. Well, as it turns out, the VERY DAY I was listening to the Bonus Show, Hall & Oates is appearing at an Event Center not two miles from my house! Nearly spit my drink out. Thanks for the laughs, guys!


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