• 9/28/12

    669: Colonel Mike

    Friday show…with a bonus letter, Buzz’s TV preview…and don’t forget the Pink tickets. Have a great weekend, folks.

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    7 Comments on 669: Colonel Mike

    1. Gus Gus says:

      Sorry Buzz, Robb was right. Kentucky is a Commonwealth, one of four in the U.S., the others being Massachusetts, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. It has to do with the manner of founding; all commonwealths in the U.S. are states.

    2. smokestack says:

      Quote of the day: “You still rank below Cap’n Crunch”

    3. Laura says:

      Vegas with Dennis Quaid was awesome on Wednesday!! Buzz, any thoughts?

    4. Klem says:

      The Bar Kays – Soul Finger – relevance?

    5. He Is.... the circus seal says:

      Mike, it’s jury-rigged, not “jerry rigging”. Jerry-bult has a similar meaning, but different origin.


      • RobTBrewer says:

        Jerry rigging is an old Navy term used to describe a half *** attempt at repairing something. Also a makeshift way that may work short term, that a qualified technician with the proper tools would never consider. It’s also a common term heard here in Maine, (correct or not) and I’m sure that’s where Mike heard it.

    6. Patty says:

      re: the older daughter on Modern Family. She looks crappy because she recently had a kidney transplant….

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