• 9/27/12

    668: The Gurgler

    A shiny new hidef Thursday with your letters, goodbye to an old friend, Mike the dick and Oscar is…the house guest.

    Today’s show is brought to you by TLC Lasik.

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    16 Comments on 668: The Gurgler

    1. Wes in ABQ says:

      “Mike the dick”….bwa ha hahahaha!


    2. GK says:

      Oscar says “fucking” at 15:50

    3. Kitster says:

      Ed Hochuli has only been a NFL ref since 1990. He was probably in Jr High in the 60’s.

    4. steve miller says:

      What’s up with the “REAL SEX” soundtrack during the mail bag?

    5. Gus Gus says:

      Robb, John dated May Pang, not May Ling, and Yoko selected her. I read about it in Penthouse back when it was good.


      Otherwise, a show!

    6. Greg in Albuquerque says:

      Did the guys get punked on the birthdays? There was a dude acknowledged named “Andrew Williams” whose birthday was supposed to have been yesterday. Seems like too much of a coincidence that “Andrew Williams” birthday fell on Andy Williams’ death day. And I’m not getting “Quench for Knowledge”. It’s too much of a stretch to use an antonym of thirst in place of thirst. Makes no sense. Maybe “Curiosity Quenched!”? I’m helping, right?

    7. Junior Producer says:

      Mike mentioned that Ed Hochuli has been refereeing in the NFL since the 1960s, which means he began working when he was a teenager. According to the league, he was born in 1950 and began working in the NFL in 1990.

    8. philly tim says:

      sweet baby jesus. that is some tanned leather.

    9. Uncle Hector says:

      Robb hates “Let’s go Krogering” but “Quench for Knowledge” is great? FACE!

    10. Buzzito says:

      Buzz, you missed the best part of the horse story, the dumbass’s dad knocked him off the horse!

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