• 9/26/12

    667: It Wasn’t Meant to Be

    Big, fat Wednesday show! Hallowe’en comes early, TV reviews, news complaints and Mitt in the air. Plus, we’re entertaining your questions at mikeomearashow.com/asktmos. We answer ANYTHING on Bonus Show 105 this week!

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    13 Comments on 667: It Wasn’t Meant to Be

    1. Peter says:

      Those of us who live outside the US cannot technically submit a Bonus Show “Ask the Guys” question since the mandatory field ‘State’ must be completed and restricts successful submissions to the 50 states despite the long list of non-US countries.

      On the other hand, should I try indicating that I was from Ottawa, Alaska (instead of Ontario) in Canada?

    2. six_ball says:

      where the f is the effin’ easy button???

    3. John says:

      Mike didn’t watch the first episode of Boardwalk this season, but he’s basically right about the show.

    4. Greg in Albuquerque says:

      I think the NFL should defiantly dig in, go full tilt, replace the current refs with mimes.

    5. Greg in Albuquerque says:

      The “ghost story” Andy Williams refers to in “Most Beautiful Time of the Year” is Dickens’ Christmas Carol.

    6. Coop says:

      At the beginning of the Baretta interview, it sounded a little like RJ….

    7. Bobby Flayton says:

      Bill Hader is going to be featured more because Wig and Samburg left.
      They moved Jay Pharoh up, he is a black and limited to impressions(but good)
      They have nobody in Wigs league and they have nobody to do the SNL DIGITAL SHORTS, Samburg ruled that.
      Transition year where they are going to try some new things.
      The new featured players? dont know yet?
      Sometimes they are good, sometimes they suck.
      Bill Hader is top shelf now. LIVE WITH IT. you are going to see ALOT OF HIM.
      who else do they have? Also you are going to get alot more Bobby Mohnahan(sp)
      I do like him, Drunk Uncle is great, but he is not the bomb.
      Mike, lower expectations.

    8. Zooky says:

      Oh, Romney… what a fun remark about windows on planes. Loved the opening vignette, guys.

      • Kurt in Boise says:

        Just a”bump in the road” you know like having advanced intelligence about an attack in Benghazi that lead to the murder of a US citizen. Now lets make with more dog jokes.

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