• 9/24/12

    665: Shake Your Crutches

    Monday with Diaz…plus the Baltimore football experience, Mike’s lost weekend, Emmy analysis…and a new garment for ye!

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    7 Comments on 665: Shake Your Crutches

    1. Matt says:

      Robb called it Voting Day first! So Face!

    2. Mike W. says:

      I love the fact Shannon is a true Pats fan. She sounds like a real gem! Too bad Oscar’s such a girl though. She can do so much better. In fact… HEY SHANNON:

    3. Greg in Albuquerque says:

      Voting Day always takes place on a Saturday in New Zealand – where you’ll find Auckland, which is not in Australia as Buzz reported. Sicktummy, Maine, is indeed on the coast, on The Coast Road, by the rusty dumpster, as reported.

    4. Laura says:

      My vote is always open with Star Wars!!

    5. Big Dan Teague says:

      Hey Nancy. If I wanted to hear left wing political nonsense Id listen to my wife. Did you know SC offered a free ride to get a free card. 70 people accepted the offer.

    6. Freedom Fries says:

      Mike, Mike, Mike… When CBS has a double-header, the CBS shows are moved back 30 minutes and will start at 7:30 (60 minutes)…

      Also, it was the 3rd quarter of the Steelers/Raiders game at 7pm ET… The game ended close to 8pm ET…

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