• 9/21/12

    664: Scurvy

    Friday fun! Fat Gaga, iPhone tales (lucky Oscar & snakebit Zoolander) and Langer in the living room. Have a great weekend! (Mr. Langer would like to send a personal shout out for his good buddy, Greg. Thank ye!)

    Today’s show is a service of the Workforce Development, Industry-building Learning Series from Northern Virginia Community College. Seats to their Cyber Security Event on Monday September 24th are going fast, so reserve yours today, at 703 323-3281 and tell ‘em you heard about it here.

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    13 Comments on 664: Scurvy

    1. JB says:

      La la la! -Oscar
      Schut up, Othcar! -Zoo

    2. Joyce says:

      Thank Goodness you are going to take care of us Droid’s :-)

    3. BigDanTeague says:

      Is that a new picture of Bobo Spewack?

    4. Hank says:

      A droid ap would be shweeet!!!

    5. Mike W. says:

      I agree with much of the Libertarian platform and philosophy as well but if you have ever seen the people running for office as a Libertarian, they just seem like total kooks that I could never vote for. Lyndon LaRouche probably the most famous nutcase..

    6. Rob Burnham says:

      Some ladies look good with a little meat on them. Gaga does not.

    7. Vasya says:

      hmmmmm…why aren’t my comments showing up?….oops, never mind!

    8. Greg says:

      No, thank ye. Great show.

    9. Laura says:

      I’m sorry did I miss you guys saying no binus show this week? Not busting balls at all, I just really didn’t realize there would not be one. Love TMOS 4 Life!

    10. donna hankin says:

      Please send Robb out to get us that Droid App asap!

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