• 9/20/12

    663: Huge Potty

    Thursday has your letters, a new Mike, our internet reliance, a BM mystery and Robb takes on a solicitor. Dig it!

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    4 Comments on 663: Huge Potty

    1. Gus Gus says:

      Mike, Jennifer Street is in DC, not Bethesda, MD. Don’t you remember from when you worked there?

      Robb, satellite internet IS slow.

      Otherwise, stellar show!

    2. Vladimir_Poutine says:

      The introduction of our new villain with the anti-apnea mask, “The Dark Mike Rises,” was truly a thing of beauty: “Your punishment must be more sleepy. When Manassas is ashes, then you have my permission to snooze.”

    3. He Is.... the circus seal says:


    4. Luke says:

      The vault WAS open. Robb is right.

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