• 9/19/12

    662: Apathy Gap

    Sleep update Wednesday with wrinkly magazines, political overload and a farewell to Mr. Sabol.

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    10 Comments on 662: Apathy Gap

    1. Wes in ABQ says:

      Safe home, Mr. Sabol. Arguably the most recognizable voice of the NFL.

    2. Hogmeister says:

      Marc, please “approve” my comment this time. I’m hoping it wasn’t approved because I posted this on an earlier show, but I feel strongly about the comments made on that (Monday’s) show, and hope you’ll allow these through this time… Thanks!

      Wow Mike, I usually agree with your views, and even more so Buzz’s, so I was shocked to hear you suggest that Google should have blocked access to that film, and equally shocked that Buzz didn’t chime in in opposition. Google was right to err on the side of free speech. Paraphrasing wiser folks than I, it’s easy to defend popular speech. But far more important to protect speech that we find abhorrent, offensive, etc. or we start down that slippery slope of censorship. Do you really think it’s a good idea to give even a hint of allowing religious zealots to curb our first amendment rights?? Given the direct experience you guys have had with that FCC BS, I’m really dismayed and disappointed.
      And Oscar, environmental concerns aside, the idea of “drill baby, drill” to increase U.S. energy independence only works if you were to nationalize the oil industry. As is, oil extracted from U.S.- held territories is sold on the open world market by private companies, so increases in U.S. oil production would have little effect on U.S. oil imports (effecting them only to the extent that the increased supply increased the global supply).
      Again, that’s assuming the sort of folks that would push for more drilling wouldn’t be okay with something that smacks of communism as much as nationalizing the oil industry, as that’s the only way to assure oil extracted from U.S. territories stayed in the US.
      Climate change, not supply or geopolitical concerns, will be the primary factor limiting our fossil fuel consumption moving forward, as physical realities impose themselves on even the most obtuse decision-makers.

    3. Gus Gus says:

      “Put the lime in the coconut to make it all good?” Really, Mike?

      You put the lime in the coconut and mix it all together.

      You put the lime in the coconut and you’ll feel better.


    4. Bobby Flayton says:

      Dennis Murphy called in to wish Don a happy birthday and told him about your
      Reno show. Don did not know about it and was happy for you. How nice.
      Dennis is going to make your show and then visit Don. You should send a handwritten note with Dennis to take to Don. Keep it secret, keep it safe.
      Hi, Oscar. I love you and your hat wearing people. Tell Donald i said, howdy

    5. Bob Loblaw says:


      I’m a big fan of “Mythbusters.” They did indeed conduct experiments with a breathalyzer in Episode #6 of the 2003 season of their show.

    6. Brian says:

      Say what you want on his comment about 47% but it’s true. When more people take then put into the system the republic will fall. A country can not withstand giving out more then it collects and borrowing to make up the difference. Tax codes need to be revised so rich can’t “cheat” the system, people need to get back to work, we need to come up with new ideas on supporting our aging population, etc.

    7. Warrant says:

      Shame on you, Robb. “Timpanis”? Timpani is already plural of Timpano. I would expect this from Oscar or Marc, but not you.

    8. cracked iPod says:

      I dunno, I think “fecal flake” would have been the better title for this episode.

    9. WTF! says:

      Robb was right …opened but it would have been cool if he had to do Friday’s show outdoors.

    10. Eddie in Edgewood says:

      A little late, but I believe the Romney impersonator from the Letterman clip WAS Mitt himself! It was from a bit he did for Dave waaaay back in the campaign & was great PR for a frequently awkward candidate.

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