• 9/17/12

    660: Business Class

    Monday get-together with Mr. Clinton, Mike vs. the wine, a hare-brained notion and some details about Haiti.

    Today’s show is brought to you by TLC Lasik Eye Center. Tell ‘em The Mike O’Meara Show sent ya!

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    3 Comments on 660: Business Class

    1. Bobby Flayton says:

      Great news. Buzz has his own show on esp980.com
      I was listening to the Skins game sunday out here in Los Angeles, Skins still stink.
      What crap defense. Having said that back to my point, Buzz was plugging more products than a plunger works out at the local gas station.
      You go get you some money Buzz. you voice is so sexy.

    2. COLEMAN says:

      Vote Dolph in 2012!

    3. blindnil says:

      Great show! Dennis Leary is a thief however. Bill Burr and Ari Shaffir did those jokes nearly verbatim a couple years back.

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