• 9/14/12

    659: Fudge and Pork

    Friday funfest with a call to Diaz, thirsty Struthers, a flimsy shirt and Korean pop. Have a great weekend, kids!

    Today’s show is a service of the Workforce dDvelopment, Industry-building Learning Series from Northern Virginia Community College. Seats are going fast, so reserve yours today, at 703 323-3281 and tell ‘em you heard about it here.

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    14 Comments on 659: Fudge and Pork

    1. Hogmeister says:

      A good example of what Buzz was trying to explain re truthful fairness v. “balance” can be found in the reporting of climate change. While the VAST MAJORITY of climatologists and other scientists agree on the basic premise of human-caused climate change, and while most of the debate AMONG SCIENTISTS is over matters of degrees (literally, as in how much warming to expect, and figuratively, as in the degree to which human activities are to blame), many in the media seem to feel that to be “balanced” means to give equal time and standing to the tiny minority of climate change deniers that represent a miniscule fraction of the public, and an even smaller proportion of scientists.

      I see this even in main stream media, not just Fox Noise. I don’t even believe (excepting Fox Noise) that it’s an intentional slant – more just sloppy, uninformed and lazy reporting.

      Point being, as Buzz was trying to say, accuracy and fairness does not mean giving equal time to disparate views, it means accurately representing those views in the proportion and validity with which they exist in the real world. If that were the case with my example of climate change, those that deny it’s happening, or insist that human activity has little or nothing to do with it, would be mentioned, if at all, as a mere footnote at the end of a report, not given equal time with the 90+% of scientists that tell us it’s happening and that we’re largely responsible.

      Also, ESSADEE!!

      • Sushant says:

        See, I don’t think putting Batch in is the anewsr- Ben of course played terrible and is partly to blame, but there are SO MANY guys who have played horrible these past 2 games. And I think if Batch goes in and does well then what? It opens up a whole controversy do you put Ben back in next week? He’s the one making the money as the first string and Batch is not a starter (even though he’s a fantastic backup and I’m glad we have him!) And I was actually impressed with Ben yesterday, other than the interceptions of course ;) heh He had a lot of yards and started to play like he used to I just think that Cowher has checked out and is retired in his own mind, otherwise why would he let all of those ridiculous personal foul penalties go without yelling and screaming at the guys? It’s not like him at all.. they are totally undisciplined with all of the sloppy play all around and the stupid penalties, things that he NEVER would have let go before.Anyway :) heehee As you can tell, we had quite the conversations about this last night, which I’m sure everyone in Pittsburgh did, haha! I hope for your sake that next week goes better!!! I would hate to get a chance to go to a game and see a terrible one :( So we’ll all think good thoughts!

    2. Dan says:

      Whether you are a dem or rep…I think Buzz was merely trying to point out the amount of real lying going on…everyone already knows that the partisenship is an issue…that is old news and Buzz was saying that what is new news is the amount of unchecked lying that has even been admitted to the public by the liars themselves. :) Something very new and unsettling indeed.

    3. Freedom Fries says:

      Interesting that the guys think that Obama is easily winning, yet Rasmussen Reports (tied for #1 in accuracy during the 2008 presidential election) has Romney up 48% to 45%…


      Mitt Romney attracting support from 48% of voters nationwide, while President Obama earns 45% of the vote. Two percent (2%) prefer some other candidate, and five percent (5%) are undecided.

    4. Hogmeister says:

      George Orwell thinks things are progressing as expected, if not a bit behind schedule…

    5. Larry Fine says:

      “Workforce dDvelopment”?

    6. Fred from Rappahannock says:

      The actor from The Getaway Mike was talking about was Al Lettieri, who played Virgil Sollazzo in The Godfather; he had the perfect face for a bad guy and sadly died of a heat attack only about a year after The Getaway came out. Sam Peckinpah was the greatest and The Getaway was maybe his last really good movie and it proved to be Steve McQueen’s last good flick as well. The Baldwin-Basinger remake blows.

    7. John says:

      Mike’s completely off base, his ideal news network would be something like CNN by saying all sides deserve a hearing. There aren’t two sides to every story, Buzz is right. Comparing Limbaugh to Maddow is complete crap, and this false equivalency needs to stop.

    8. dan says:

      Meeing in Tampa….Leroy Selmons ….hmmm fun times

    9. Dave says:

      My favorite thing is seeing Buzz go on the defensive when called on his given slant and then eventually gives in that he has a slant. Rush Limbaugh is an idiot and proves it with asinine statements like the one in Robb’s audio vault… BTW it sucks that there was no audio vault today! Robb need to have his own show centered with audio clips… Robb Mobb!!!!

    10. Silas Blackwell says:

      Thank you, Mike, for finally calling Buzz out on his obvious slant. I can recognize there’s a bit of “show biz” that goes into his news presentations in that you want to slant it a certain way to get “the other side” riled up or look like fools BUT to Mike’s point, if we’re going to have any healing in our political divide, both sides need to tone down the rhetoric. Limbaugh’s comments on Osama bin Laden are akin to people claiming the WTC attack was planned by Bush.

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