• 9/13/12

    658: BOUEF

    High energy Thursday! iPhone coverage, tuning out and we miss our friend. Close the thing!

    Today’s show is a service of Lending Tree.

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    8 Comments on 658: BOUEF

    1. Mike says:

      I don’t know if anybody has told Mr. O’Meara, but if he wants a button on the side of the phone to take pictures try hitting the volume + button while in camera mode. Voila!

    2. Dave says:

      The vault is still open…

    3. John says:

      Today’s show reminded me of one of Robb’s best lines, from years ago: that Whoopi is filled with Frank Lan-jelly. And he didn’t even recycle it! There’s gold in that cranium, I tell you.

    4. Your ol' buddy Robb says:

      The vault is closed. Trust me… I checked it before I left.

    5. Geoff G says:

      Oscar, Oscar, Oscar…

      Mike Francesca does afternoons on the FAN. His show is simulcast on YES network. The two jobs are not separate. Falling asleep is hilarious

    6. Dan says:

      The content man…the content…and no more self importance or intelligence than any other common man y :) so more entertainent PLEASE…I remember a time when we were taking things a bit less seriously and there is nothing wrong with some more balance there…just sayin’

    7. Tobb Webork says:

      The cop was RIGHT.

    8. Tom Servo says:

      Buzz cracked me up during the opening Amazon sponsorship with two words: “No laughing.”

      That man is the master of subtle.

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