• 9/10/12

    655: Boombox and a Flashlight

    Mondee…And Buzz returns to talk about “cruising” (!), Billy Neeson, Mike makes an announcement, and German Martin. Solid!

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    9 Comments on 655: Boombox and a Flashlight

    1. Wes in ABQ says:

      That is an awesome pic of Buzz with his ookoolaylay.


    2. Mike W. says:


      You are not alone in the weight loss struggle. I have spent years at Weight Watchers and finally gave it up to save money that I was pissing out the door. I am now attending the gym where I have entered a 90 day weight loss contest (similar to The Biggest Loser) since I am a bit competitive and there is an END date (90 days until I can pig out – yeah, I know it’s a “Lifestyle change” but let me worry about that once I actually lose the weight). So far, I am down about 10 pounds although I still have intense cravings and it is still harder than I thought it would be. But my point is.. I know what you’re feeling as right before I started this competition, I was also at my highest ever weight. Definitely not alone! Good luck to you!

      P.S. I suppose binge/purge is always an option…

    3. Brian says:

      Damn Mike you sounded OLD talking cruises… Skeet, hitting golf balls, etc?!? They haven’t done that stuff in decades. (I do miss running around the ship stern of a ship with a shotgun)

      Last ship I was on had – mini golf, rock climbing wall, surf simulator, basketball courts, new york city style street in the middle of the ship, casino, zip line, ton of pools, ice rink, bars every 20 feet, etc. Cruising is the tits…

    4. Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin says:

      As Laura Petrie used to say, “Oh Robb.”

      Alcohol doesn’t “metabolize to sugar.”


    5. WTF! says:

      Mike, I remember years ago on the D&M show, a listener sent you guys a letter that said the keys to losing weight were “walking and water.” You and Don went on a tirade about the self-righteous tone of the letter…it was RADIO GOLD, MAN! RADIO GOLD!!

    6. Pete from Kanada says:

      Remember Mike, There’s always Saturday.

      Bon Bon Bon Bons

    7. joe c says:

      Good field goal clip…I laughed out loud so much my c wife got mad at me!

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