• 9/7/12

    654: Gene Wood

    Friday with a visit from Oakton Wine Shop, an irate Barker, Medical Mike and convention coverage, TMOS style. Have a great weekend everybody!

    Today’s show is brought to you by Oakton Wine Shop.

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    8 Comments on 654: Gene Wood

    1. Dan says:

      Barker’s Beauts! :)

    2. Wes in ABQ says:

      Normally, I find Scarlett sofa king sexy. But when I saw this show photo I thought “Who’s the lesbian?”

      Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.


    3. Vasya says:


    4. I am....tired of that lame joke says:

      Nothing skews younger than freaking Ghostbusters…What is hipper than a 28 year-old PG movie?…Although it is better than Shrek! You are going to have to assign the opening to someone else Mike…Robb isss… just incapable of finding something funny from THIS decade…You call him on it and he goes older…FACE!

      • Jeff C says:

        HOWEVER–Robb’s genius was clearly on display with that opening. The Ghostbusters clip segued to the Huey Lewis song, I Wanna New Drug, which was famously ripped off by Ray Parker Jr as the Ghostbusters theme song. FACE!

    5. Coop says:

      Ustream video on the fritz?

    6. Larry Fine says:

      Good luck with the weight loss, Mike. I’m sure you’ll do well this time.

    7. Geoff G says:

      Can we get a list of the wines tasted?

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