• 8/27/12

    O’MearaCast #1: Series Premiere

    An all new show courtesy of MORE Broadcasting, discussing all things in the land of O’Mearica. Join host (and P1 listener) Marcus Certa as he leads the maiden voyage with guest host and MORE listener, Stacey Palaszczuk.

    COMING SOON TO ITUNES! We’ll let everyone know when its available

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    Listener Comments
    14 Comments on O’MearaCast #1: Series Premiere

    1. james in Folsom says:

      didn’t take long, already popped up in iTunes

    2. Sam in Hazzard says:

      Ahhhh okay, makes sense now, thanks for the reply Marc.

    3. Justin Nolte says:

      Great Show! More entertaining than This Week in O’Mearica. Marcus has a great radio voice and knows how to lead a show. Looking forward to more O’MearaCast. Another great show I have to add to my podcast lineup.

    4. Salmoneye says:

      Broken link, and I don’t do ‘I tunes’…

    5. Salmoneye says:

      Thanks for fixing the link…

      Looking forward to listening!

    6. MattD says:

      Tried to download on itunes feed, but Broken link on itunes

    7. Gordon Glorfield says:

      Very polished for first show. A good addition to the lineup. Especially since Marc can’t get off the Schnide and get the TWIO going again.

    8. Tom in LV says:

      Sounded way too forced, trying to be slick and professional in a way that doesn’t feel natural. But…I’ve also learned from past experiences that any show should not be judged from just the very first episode alone. These things take time to develop their own style. So I plan to give it another chance or two or three.

    9. Chris says:

      Mr. Certa sounds a bit like Don Geronimo. Sniff, sniff… makes me nostalgic for the D&M days. Nice debut!

    10. Rick T says:

      didnt care for new show ,Ive listen to almost every show .The M O show is pretty good love yea !not good enough where I want a recap .my opinion

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