• 8/31/12

    Bonus Show #102: Aug. 31, 2012

    Mike O’Meara’s “After the Ride”; A blistering 60 minute recap of Mike’s westward odyssey that includes stories of drunkenness, horniness, vehicular manslaughter and Jimmy Cirrito’s spinning like the wheel of a Harley Davidson going at 100 MPH. Born to be wild!

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    Listener Comments
    8 Comments on Bonus Show #102: Aug. 31, 2012

    1. Tom says:

      The guy on the right has a nice set of jugs

    2. Rob F says:

      Time to make it accessible on the member page.

    3. Jeff C says:

      Great Show. Jimmy is a Good Guy.

    4. Jeff Hancock says:

      Was there not a Friday show? I don’t remember hearing anything about it on Thursday’s show. Have the wheels fallen off the bus that quickly after RJ’s depature? (Just kidding, Marc, don’t hate me!)

    5. Black Rain says:

      Robb is really bound and determined to force the “He iiiisss…” meme, huh

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