• 8/28/12

    648: Moneyed Friends


    Tuesday action with some amazing Reno news…Lowell Melser in a dust up…Mike & Haiti…and books on grass.

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    12 Comments on 648: Moneyed Friends

    1. Dan says:

      Good show! :) Good show gent$!

    2. Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin says:

      The French Quarter came back quickly because it’s high enough above sea level that it was never flooded.

      Regarding the book, you’re aware that SEALs write books, right? “Son of a whore” was a tad harsh. The first person to blow the op was Joe Biden, the second was Dear Leader.

      Otherwise fine show.

    3. WTF! says:

      1. Lowell, ‘F’ twitchy. They aren’t journalists and the commenters there are @$$#ats.

      2.Believe the appropriate response from Oscar to Robb at 48:00 should have been FACE. Robb was pwn’ed. Toughen up, Spewak!

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