• 8/28/12

    648: Moneyed Friends

    Tuesday action with some amazing Reno news…Lowell Melser in a dust up…Mike & Haiti…and books on grass.

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    12 Comments on 648: Moneyed Friends

    1. Dan says:

      Good show! :) Good show gent$!

    2. Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin says:

      The French Quarter came back quickly because it’s high enough above sea level that it was never flooded.

      Regarding the book, you’re aware that SEALs write books, right? “Son of a whore” was a tad harsh. The first person to blow the op was Joe Biden, the second was Dear Leader.

      Otherwise fine show.

      • Larry Fine says:

        When did he do that?

        Maybe you dreamed it?

        The Brian Setzer Orchestra rules!

        • Freedom Fries says:

          Towards the end of the show…

        • Larry Fine says:

          Finally found it. It’s around the 58:25 mark.

          And that’s what you’re upset about? Jeezuz, get over yourself.

          No wonder I missed it the first time. Mike barely touched on the $1000 shirt controversy and didn’t express any strong opinions about it.

          Who the hell cares what any of them wear?

          Focus on the issues that really matter. You know, like how Brian Setzer sounds when he’s wearing expensive clothing.

        • Dave says:

          But he went there with his bigger point douche!

        • The RealRB says:


      • Dave says:

        Or expensive vacation at the beginning of the recession.

    3. WTF! says:

      1. Lowell, ‘F’ twitchy. They aren’t journalists and the commenters there are @$$#ats.

      2.Believe the appropriate response from Oscar to Robb at 48:00 should have been FACE. Robb was pwn’ed. Toughen up, Spewak!

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