• 8/23/12

    645: Smells Druggy

    Today, the good folks at Quench supply us with cocktails…plus, your letters, Irish arguing and the trouble with RJ.

    This episode of The Mike O’Meara Show is a service of: Quench in Rockville, MD.

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    5 Comments on 645: Smells Druggy

    1. Peter says:

      In the spirit of ‘polishing the shiny apple’, shouldn’t that be ‘ply you with cocktails’ vice ‘play…..”?

    2. matt says:

      Please tell RJ: NEVER block a camera shot featuring a woman in a dress.


    3. Kate says:

      NRK P3 Radioresepsjonen Norways biggest radio comedy show

      The funniest radio show I don’t understand – Thankfully I DO understand TMOS.

    4. Pete from Kanada says:

      Hey Dum Dum

      Bacardi Limon
      Grapefruit Juice
      Slice of Lime

      You’re welcome

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