• 8/22/12

    644: Hypothetical

    Today: Two mothers (one real, one fake), nicknames, a Reno update and Mike’s Redskins weekend.

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    13 Comments on 644: Hypothetical

    1. Wes in ABQ says:

      MMmmm…that chick is hot as balls.


    2. Dan says:

      Thank G :) D for Mike’s healthcare speech…I rallied by the Lincoln Memorial over 10 years ago now for the same purpose, then watched Michael Moore’s movie…and now Mike’s speech…one day us Americans will want to take care of each other!

    3. joyce says:

      For those of us who are in battleground states not 15 min. goes by on tv without a commercial telling us why we should not vote for this person for president. I have always voted for the person and what I think that they can do but I think this time it is a whole different ball game.
      To understand why things are or are not getting done let’s look at how things work in our government.
      Senators & Representatives can put ideas, bills and plans out there but to make them official and law…. First, the senate or the house have to pass it as it is written or make changes and send it to the other side (senate or house depending on which side it started). Then they have to agree on it as written or it has to go back for another vote. Once all agrees then the president signs it or vito it and sends it back with more changes to try again.
      Our system was set up to make sure that we were represented by the people, ALL the people.
      Well that is not happening well in today’s system. Now you have people we have voted into office to represent our ideals and values who have had a hand in writing some of these bills NOW voting against them ONLY for the reason “I must vote the party line”.
      Did we vote them in there to vote the party Line?
      It doesn’t matter what Romney says he will do once elected or Obama says he will do, UNLESS ALL work together NOTHING will happen.
      There must be a middle ground There must be a way to find a consensus but as long as those we have sent to office are protecting their party and not us then we ALL LOSE.
      Pay Attention to those races for Senate and House as they are JUST as important as President!

    4. CaribooLou says:

      It is pronounced Trah-Ville, like Caddilac Deville

    5. Freedom Fries says:

      It is such a shame is that these guys are misinformed…

    6. Vasya says:

      In-between leaving the Air Force and my current job I worked eight years as a self-employed freelance court reporter, and I paid over $800 a month for Blue-Cross for myself and my wife and four kids…it definitely took a chunk out of my wallet, but I got to claim it all on taxes…

      • Frank in Fairfax says:

        wow, you mean you actually paid it yourself? no whining that someone else should buy insurance for you? what a concept.

    7. Scott says:

      Okay, my age is showing, who is the girl in the picture?

    8. Patrick says:

      I know Mike will get a lot of flack about his Health Care rant today, but I personally agreed with every word. In my opinion, the only people who rage against health care reform and the overrun capitalist greed in this country are those who can not properly think for themselves.

    9. Albuquerque Tony Kornheiser says:

      Here is some audio timely audio vault material. A right wing tea party radio host gets into a fight with the Irish president and hilarity ensues.

      Note to self: never argue with the Irish!


    10. Dave says:

      How much criticism is too much criticism???

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