• 3/6/12

    529: A Turtleneck Means Guilt

    Today, we visit with Takei, we finalize plans for the State, we ask Marc about glasses and…Mike is sad.

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    18 Comments on 529: A Turtleneck Means Guilt

    1. Freedom Fries says:

      LOL @ Buzz thinking that this will put Rush Limbaugh out of business…

    2. Freedom Fries says:

      Olbermann doesn’t outrage the country because he isn’t relevant like Limbaugh…

    3. RobTBrewer says:

      Drink My Wife and I Found Out were Having a Boy Beer!!!

      • Wes in ABQ says:

        Congrats RTB! I’ll toast you with my Huzzah That RTB’s Swimmers Are Tenacious Beer!!!!

        • RobTBrewer says:

          Thanks Wes! Please know that I tried for Michael Robb Oscar Buzz Marc Raymond T. Brewer but the wife said no…. But as soon as I can, I will get him a TMOS VIP account!

        • icall Shenanigans! says:

          Hey RTB, what about a hybrid (speling)name like ThMOaS? The “h” is silent of course.
          I look forward to your daily “drink” posts. Congrats from me as well.

        • RobTBrewer says:

          That could work! I’m pretty sure he was conceived when my wife was wearing her TMOS tshirt. So it’s only right!

    4. Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin says:

      Who does Arsenio Hall think he’s fooling? He’s as gay as his fingers are long. I shudder to think where those fingers have been.

    5. Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin says:

      Mike, is it possible that Akroyd said “smoked a little boo”?

      Buddy Rich once said “I been smoking boo since I been twelve years old.”

      Imagine how cranky Buddy would have been without the boo. Mr. Rich had to git him some gage just to function in society!

      I love boo. Who’s with me?

    6. Nick says:

      Mike’s personal slogan should be, “Man, I don’t want to get political. But…”

    7. Brian says:

      Rush is a dope but so is Oberman, Maher, etc. They started the name calling long time ago. Maher has said horrible things. Why does Buzz not call them out. Those who live in glass beach houses…

      And the Shannon thing doesn’t get old!

    8. steve says:

      Yaz is a fag.

    9. KC says:

      More George Takei!!!

    10. Dan says:

      BS…loads and loads…Rush Limbaugh is not only an ignorant hate monger, he needs to be fired for sure…freedom of speech yes…attacking and running him off radio and out of town doesn’t make anyone just like anybody else…it is just good common sense!
      We should deport that idiot to Iran!

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