• 11/2/11

    The final version EIA-449 was withdrawn in September of 2002

    Wednesdee Story has a pair of Kardashians, a lecture on promptness and punctuality and Winter predictions. And SHOWTUNES!

    Today’s show comes to your hungry ears through the courtesy of Ticket Liquidator.

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    21 Comments on The final version EIA-449 was withdrawn in September of 2002

    1. LFF says:

      Can you believe it was a year ago today that Oscar first told us about Kara talking to some other dude on the phone behind his back? Then he broke her glasses and iPod and computer? Ahhh, play Misty for me!

    2. HubbaBubba says:

      Does Weight-Not involve taking Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin?

    3. Farphalotus says:

      Harold Camping sounds like someone got Stephen Hawking’s talking machine drunk. ( Talkin’ machine!)

    4. Wes in ABQ says:

      Looks like the Cos got a little more than puddin in his puddin pops…..

    5. Ryan says:

      Someone should tell Mike that Herman Cain is an actual rocket scientist. I imagine that is harder to become than a podcast deejay.

      • Farphalotus says:

        Cain was a math major, not a scientist. He did some “number crunching” for the Navy while a student. Missile ballistics, not rockets.

        His entire adult career was in the food biz. Coke, Pillsbury, and Godfather’s (as in the Mafia) Pizza.
        (Oh, and his hobby seems to be sexual harassment.)

    6. Kappy Pfeiffer says:

      LOL! Great picture.

    7. Dan says:

      Ya know…if Oscar was even 1/2 as reverent towards Mike as he is toward Dukes…this dynamic is gonna be interesting! :)

    8. Patrick says:

      The best way to catch mice with those mouse traps is not with food. The smell of peanut butter / jelly / cheese / etc. will only draw in more mice. Use packing peanuts. Mice, especially this time of year, are mostly focused on getting nest materials. You will catch more mice per capita, and you won’t draw in more.

    9. Zane says:

      WOW, Rob actually let Mike talk today. I thought i was tuning into the
      robshow.com, but i was surprised to here TMOS today. It is nice sometimes
      to let the leader take the LEAD.
      Having said that, nice show.

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