• 8/9/11

    Robb Radio with Guest Host, Buzz Burbank

    Day 2 of a well deserved vacation for the boys so please to enjoy an episode of Robb Radio with guest host, Buzz Burbank! Download the entire show HERE.

    Today’s encore presentation is brought to you by: iConfidential.com

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    17 Comments on Robb Radio with Guest Host, Buzz Burbank

    1. mark says:

      Hey Robb, What format is this show is this audio file? I can’t play it.

    2. Ron says:

      About as user friendly as a turd! Can’t listen!

    3. GetWhitey says:

      For whatever reason they don’t have the file extention suffix. Add “.zip” to the end of the file name.

    4. Michael Arata says:

      it’s not called a zip on my end

    5. Patty says:

      I’m not good at computer stuff, and I don’t know how to make it work, either…:o(

    6. Marc says:

      Just click that “HERE” link and it will route you to Robb Radio and a variety of links for this show.

    7. Kathy Richardson says:

      I’m just used to clicking play, and so now I’m confused. I don’t think I want anything unzipped around here!

    8. Joe Shurtz says:

      The News is first at :45, Have A GOOOOOOOOOOOOD Day!

      Hi Michael, hope all is well for you. Our traffic secretary was laughing at her desk and I ask her what was so funny and she said she was listening to a podcast of you trying to sing.

      It’s been about 39 years since I’ve seen you in person, and what a great career you are having.


    9. John Beaudette says:

      Okay, I figured out how to play Robb’s KCJJ crap (no offense), but what the hell, where is the Play button? I tried to download part two thing but I get some type of error. Can’t do it from my phone either. Yours Truly, moron.

    10. RJ's says:

      idiots! download winrar and extract the files to play

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