• 6/21/11

    Sensex tumbles 364 points

    Tuesday Story: Mike rides a bus to buy a hat, Oscar isn’t sleeping and your letters. NYAN.

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    16 Comments on Sensex tumbles 364 points

    1. RB says:

      Today’s show pict caption,
      “…take a look, it’s in a book, NYAN rainbow…”

      Kinda in the mood for a pop tart now…wierd.

    2. Ganglionic Fold says:

      I guess it’s my network… for the past month or so, I come to the show page for the day and click on the play button under the day’s image… it plays for a while, then automatically stops. I then click on the Download link and play in another window… sometimes it goes farther, but then stops… haven’t figured out rhyme or reason… thought I’d share

    3. JohnBoy says:

      Run around naked tonight– longest day of the year. Kind of bittersweet, ’cause they only get shorter from here. Congrats, guys, for tomorrow celebrates a year of shows! You can download this whole shebang and listen to a fresh rerun every day for the next year! Who ‘da thunk it? Here’s to many more!

    4. Greg in Albuquerque says:

      I love Buzz. I really do. But at the risk of skewing boring, his take on that Supreme Ct. ruling favoring Walmart was at best intellectually lazy. The court ruled that each discrimination case needs to be valued on its specific merits,instead of lumping all of the thousands of cases nationwide into one massive class action suit (and thereby substantially fattening the wallets of a few incorporated lawyers). Justice was done here, and this comes from a John Stewart loving registered Democrat.

    5. Freedom Fries says:

      Jon Stewart doesn’t know his facts about FoxNews…


      I guess he is NOT so smart…

      • Farphalotus says:

        Speaking of facts, did you know that the congressman who worked to have the FRENCH fries renamed “freedom fries” realized he’d made a terrible mistake.

        In May 2005, Representative Jones, having arrived at the belief that the United States went to war “with no justification”, said of the “freedom fries” episode: “I wish it had never happened.”
        By July 2006, the House had quietly changed the name in all of its restaurants back to “French fries”.

        Mmmmmmmmmm. FRENCH fries.

      • Chris says:

        Oh cripes, here we go with the FoxNews nuthugging…

    6. RB says:

      Marc, Robb, anybody home?

      They must all be out grinding stumps.

    7. casey says:

      Don’t be a [] square Daddy-O. Robb, how many more years until you have a SouthPark vignette!?
      5, 6 get your kicks

    8. Farphalotus says:

      A Chinese Restaurant once served me tainted eggplant…
      which resulted in “an emergency striping project.”

    9. RobTBrewer says:

      Goofy show today! Loved it!

    10. RobTBrewer says:

      At first, I thought Buzz asked, “Is America willing to elect a MORON as President?”. I thought “When wouldn’t they?”

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