Oscar’s Pop Culture Quiz

The first 30 questions used during Oscar’s Pop Culture Quiz on Friday’s (May 20, 2011) show.

1. What year did the (musical) “British Invasion” hit the American Shores?

2. What President preceded John F. Kennedy?

3. What city was the setting for HAPPY DAYS?

4. What were the names of all four Beatles?

5. What city was hometown to Sheriff Andy Taylor?

6. Who played private eye Jim Rockford?

7. Who played the Mertzes on I LOVE LUCY?

8. Who were the three main members of “The Rat Pack”?

9. Who were the two primary hosts of HEE HAW?

10. Can you name 3 of the original 5 MTV Veejays?

11. Who directed PSYCHO?

12. Who played Dick Van Dyke’s wife on THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW?

13. Who was the bandleader on the Tonight Show when Johnny Carson retired?

14. Who played Ralph Kramden?

15. Who coined the catchphrase “You Look Marvelous”?

16. What US City is the home to Graceland?

17. Who had the hit record “Johnny B. Goode”?

18. What night did NBC air THE COSBY

19. Who directed TAXI DRIVER?

20. What was the name of the country club in CADDYSHACK?

21. Who was Jerry Lewis’s comedy partner from 1946 to 56?

22. What TV Show featured astronaut Steve Austin?

23. Who is pictured on the 2 Dollar Bill?

24. He wrote THE FIRM, THE CLIENT and THE RAINMAKER. Name him.

25. Before David Letterman, what CBS show occupied his theatre from 1948 to 1971?

26. TRUE or FALSE: The Today Show on NBC had a monkey as a regular cast member.

27. Who was the primary voice guy for Warner Brothers cartoons?

28. Who portrayed Gomez Addams?

29. Bob Hope made several ROAD movies with this singer: Name him.

30. This popular sitcom replaced Larry Linville with David Ogden Stiers; Name it.

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