• 3/19/11

    This Week in O’Mearica #2

    Marc, RJ, Jabarie and Girl are back (with a new & improved format) to recap another historic week that is The Mike O’Meara Show. In this episode, we discuss how Mike won’t let Marc and RJ play in his reindeer games, pet peeves, RJ’s car and refrigerator, an unusual trip to Hooters, questions from the chat room, and much more. Please to enjoy!

    Opening and closing music titled, Shine by: Black Gold

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    11 Comments on This Week in O’Mearica #2

    1. mike says:

      I liked it, would like to hear a little more about the show however. I do want to learn more about rj, jebare,girl and ronick. Just in smaller doses in this one hour format. A listener on the panel might help drive that.
      ” that being said” good job, you have a fan in me :)

      • Tommy's "Uncle" says:

        Mike, I have to disagree a bit. We are probably coming from different perspectives, but I listen to each show (often more than once) so really to re-capp the week would be, for me, a waste of time. I like learning more about what Marc, RJ and the interns do, and their opinion’s on what took place through out the week. Subtle difference perhaps. That’s just one jerk offs opinion!

    2. Loving my VIPness says:

      Another great listen, a super terrific show!

      You didn’t really keep the content promise – you might have covered TMOS for maybe 15 minutes but that’s your problem :-) I still had a good time!

      Most predictable comment?

      “I seen some surprising items as far as cost goes”

      Oh Marc…

      • Wes in ABQ says:

        “I seen some surprising items as far as cost goes”….

        Bwa hahahah! Is it wrong that when I read this comment Robb’s theme music for Marc immediately popped into my head?

        Just purchased my monthly fix of tunes – Citizen Fish has a new album, as do the Dropkick Murphys and Hayes Carll – along with a new toner cartridge. From Amazon, of course, and through this website. Easy as pie, regardless of the soupiness.

        • Loving my VIPness says:

          And to be fair to Marc, I mis-typed

          Of course he said “I’ve seen” and not “I seen,” Marc is very well-spoken :-)

          Sorry Marc!

    3. shakeurboobs says:

      awsome job guys, great improvment. I’m looking forward to next week. Can you throw some bass or muffle “lady”‘s mike?

    4. Dan says:

      This new feature of the show is awesome! These four make a funny combination…looking foward to more Weeks in O’Mearica!

    5. RobTBrewer says:

      Love the show guys! Keep it comming!

    6. ar_in_cr says:

      I have to disagree…this show needs some FUNNY brought in…can you please bring in someone with some comic expertise to participate? I think a little laughter would go a long way. These peeps are too polite. :) That being said, I do like the concept and think it can only get better with time.

    7. James says:

      Just picked up the intro and exit music, ‘Shine’. Beautiful song.

    8. BurntHam says:

      I am glad Zoolander is not here today, because it means I can listen to the show without cringing.

      I genuinely enjoyed hearing more of RJ. I like that guy, even more so after hearing that he is a Greaseman fan.

      It’s ok Marc, I never thought you were in the radio business. Boosh!

      Marc is right about the tone of the show being more of a family setting than a work environment. It really is a bunch of people just hanging out on the couch, and that freedom makes for some of the best radio I have ever heard.

      I have to admit, this episode of TWIO was noticeably better than the first. Nice job folks. If TMOS is the big entree, then this show is the dessert.

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