• 5/24/10

    Mike O’Meara Live on 98 Rock

    Listen to Mike O’Meara (and some surprise guests) live on Baltimore’s 98 Rock(97.9 FM) on June 9th, 10th and 11th.

    Just click HERE to listen and enjoy!

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    18 Comments on Mike O’Meara Live on 98 Rock

    1. Jeff C says:

      Great appearance. Reminiscing, hockey talk.

      I will buy the extra weekly shows, of course! Bring the funny!

    2. The Baron says:

      I hope you dumbkoffs talk about that pesky Lancelot Link!

    3. Daniela says:

      shoot, i only caught the last half hour. Will you post the rest here?

    4. Ashley says:

      Great! They’re band where I work, its bad enough that I’m a day late for all the podcast. :(

    5. Yazisafag says:

      Great appearance this morning, Mike. I hope the ride home wasn’t a nightmare!

    6. Amelia says:

      Thanks so much Mike for coming on today. It was real pleasure. I will be listening to the show from now on and I’ll make sure to pass the website along to everyone I know. We would love to meet the rest of the crew too.

    7. BC says:

      Great appearance! I caught about an hour of the show on my way to work today and it was a real treat…

    8. Stephanie says:

      will you guys be posting the show? I couldn’t catch it and they don’t have it in their pod casts.

    9. dave says:

      is there going to be a pod cast today?

    10. Tiny Korean Beatle Boy says:

      How does one download the thing, then? I keep getting 112…

      YES I realize it is free, NO, I do not want a refund, but am quite perplexed…

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